There is no such thing as Monday blues when you have Lindale Thompson to start your week with his invigorating Bokwa class. Join him next Monday, 10am-11am to start the week with an energizing workout!


Members in Oleg Storozhuk’s class were in perfect rhythm in Latin Burn.  Join them next week, 11.30am-12.30pm to dance your way through Monday morning!



Ivor Flint had his very own choir at SHC in Monday’s Singing For All Class. Join him next Monday 1.30pm-3.30pm, to sing your favourite tune!



Vivien Perez’s Zumba Class brought an infectious energy to The SHC once again on Tuesday. Join the party every Tuesday, 10am-11am. Also, due to popular demand, our second Zumba class kicked off on Wednesday. Join Lindale Thompson’s class every Wednesday, 3pm-4pm to get you moving, sweating and smiling!


Michelle Ellis, from Central London Community Healthcare (CLCH) NHS Trust, joined us at SHC to ignite our members’ desire to start feeling healthier and happier in Tuesday’s new Cook and Taste class. Join Michelle next Tuesday 12.30pm-2.30pm to love food, love your body and love yourself!


Our budding thespians were embracing improvisation and practising their theatrical performances in Drama and Theatre Club on Tuesday. Join the laughter with Josh Azouz, Tuesdays 2pm-4pm.


We were delighted to welcome so many members to our monthly Lunch Club on Thursday. Members enjoyed sweet potato curry, pomegranate raita and a delicious chocolate velvet cake topped with summer fruits- all prepared by the SHC team! Don’t forget to Mark your diaries to eat drink and be merry at our end of term party, Friday, 28th March 12pm.

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Zee Filho had members concentrating on exercising their core muscles and building their body strength on Thursday. Join his Bone Density Workout, Thursday 3pm-4pm to build strong, healthy bones and prevent osteoporosis