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Cooking and Nutrition Join our International Cooking class every Monday and learn how to cook cuisines from around the world with some of best chefs in London. This term will feature master classes in Oriental Cooking, Vietnamese, Indian, Greek, Italian, Spanish, and Asian Fusion Cooking! . We also have a  Sunday group for those who want to enjoy Sunday Lunch and some great company: we will be hosting Meet, Eat, and Learn every week. 

Adam Pawlak- International Cooking – Mexican Adam graduated from cooking school in 2000 in Ostrow wlkp, Poland. After finishing school, he started to work as a chef in a 4 star hotel, Hotel BRYZA, Villa Royal. In 2004 he came to the UK and gained experience as a chef in places such as Alexander House Hotel, Roundebout Hotel, Mandeville, and now he is the head chef at Taqueria mexican restaurant in Notting Hill. The experience that he has gained at Taqueria certainly will use for his future adventures in furthering his culinary knowledge.

Barbara Vittoria – International Cooking: Italian Twenty five years ago Barbara married an Italian and has had a love affair with Italian cooking ever since! For Italians food is a constant source of animated conversation and she always marvels at discussing the dinner menu whilst still enjoying lunch! Barbara learnt how to cook Italians from the experts: the Italian ‘Mama’ who uses the best seasonal ingredients to create simple, delicious meals

India Lovett – Spanish Cooking After setting up a cooking club at her son’s primary school 6 years ago, India has gone on to work for children’s centres, schools, youth groups and NHS trusts across London, teaching practical cooking skills and inspiring people to make healthier food choices.  Her cooking incorporates a variety of traditions but the emphasis is always on uncomplicated healthy food using affordable and readily available ingredients.   She is passionate about the importance of a healthy diet to health and well-being and is currently training to become a nutritional therapist at the College of Naturopathic Medicine, London

Matoula Ploumidi – Greek Cooking Matoula has been a secondary school teacher for over 20 years, teaching History and Art & Design in Australia, Singapore and the UK. Coming from a large extended Greek family, she had no choice but to learn to cook. Fortunately she loves it and throughout the years has perfected the art of cooking Greek food.

Maria VlotidesHerbal Medicine Workshop Maria qualified as a medical herbalist from the University of Westminster in 2007. She has delivered over a hundred workshops related to herbal medicine, gardening and practical medicine making for Hammersmith Community Gardens Association, Kids Company, Argent, Chelsea Physic Garden, Deen City Farm and CGP Southwark Park. She is the co-author of Pharmapoetica: a dispensary of poetry with poet Chris McCabe, published by Pedestrian Publishing.

Manju Malhi-Indian Cooking Manju is a chef and cookbook author who’s written 4 cookbooks that are sold globally specialising in good Indian food using good ingredients which are easy and accessible to the audience. She currently has a television show running across Asia that reaches over 800 million viewers encouraging them to get back in the kitchen and cook dishes from scratch. So, through her books, television shows and website (, the common ethos or thread is simplifying the art of cooking and educating and encouraging consumers in knowing what they’re buying and eating.

Minh-Tam Janssens – Vietnamese Cooking Minh-Tam is a self-taught cook who is passionate about food from around the world and has a particular weakness for cakes. Her style of cooking is uncomplicated but tasty. She loves to explore and experiment with exotic ingredients.

Siti Radiah Merrett – Nonya/Malay Siti Radiah Merrett is a passionate cook, with many years of experience in catering and in other food activities.  She also has an interest in teaching.  She taught Oriental, Far Eastern, Fusion and European cookery at Kensington and Chelsea College until 2009. Siti has written her first book titled ‘Coconut and Kelupis’, which has been published in her native country, Brunei Darussalam.  Siti will share some Malay as well as Nonya dishes. She believes in a calm approach to cooking using fresh ingredients, food in season and food that heals.

Thin Thin Hlaing – Oriental Cooking Thin Thin has a talent and passion for cooking which she learnt from her mother and aunties in Asia 20 years ago. She enjoys cooking and healthy and very tasty Oriental cuisine, especially Burmese, Chinese, Indian, Thai and Japanese Sushi. She loves delicious foods and appreciates many different types of cuisine. Her hobby is cooking very delicious dishes for friends, family and everybody. Professional experience has included working as a Breakfast Chef in London. She is very patient and enthusiastic and keen to share her cooking knowledge and skills with students and introduce them to Burmese foods- which won the Award for Best Cuisine at the International Gastronomy Festival Huge-2014 in Vietnam.

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